Richard D. DiMarchi, Ph.D.
Endocrinology & Drug Development
Dr. DiMarchi is the Linda & Jack Gill Chair in Biomolecular Sciences and Professor of Chemistry at Indiana University. He is a retired Group Vice President for Biotechnology and Product Development at Eli Lilly & Company where for more than two decades he provided leadership in biotechnology, endocrine research and product development. Professor DiMarchi is recognized for the discovery and development of rDNA-derived Humalog® (LisPro-human insulin). This designer insulin represents the first demonstration that structurally altered rDNA-derived, biosynthetic proteins can improve pharmacological performance without increasing the risk of an abnormal immunological response. As scientist and administrator at Lilly, Dr. DiMarchi participated in the commercial development of Humulin®, Humatrope®, Xigris®, and Forteo®. The goal of his current research and commercial endeavors is to develop proteins with enhanced therapeutic properties through biochemical optimization with non-natural amino acids, an approach he has termed chemical-biotechnology. Dr. DiMarchi received his Ph.D. from Indiana University.